Thermo-treated woods

Thermally modified for improved properties

European deciduous and coniferous wood is made more durable for permanent use outdoors without chemical additives via thermal treatment over 210°C, thus making it a good alternative to tropical wood.

The thermo-treated wood reacts less to ambient humidity and/or dryness due to its higher dimensional stability. Therefore, it is optimal for use in places where highly fluctuating air humidity and high climatic variations predominate. It exhibits lower swelling and shrinkage behaviour and is less prone to cracking.

Because of the thermal treatment, the sugar molecules contained in the wood caramelise and the wood changes colour, from light to dark brown depending on the temperature used. However, thermo-treated wood will grey without surface treatment just like regular, untreated wood surfaces.

Terrasse Thermo-Esche

Most important properties

• Minimised swelling and shrinkage
• Increased dimensional stability
• Increased durability against fungal infestation and weather influences
• Perfectly rot- and weather-resistant
• No resin formation
• Reduction of internal stresses, however, isolated stress cracks can occur on the surface due to weather influences

We have the following thermo-treated woods to choose from: