Accoya is the world’s leading high-performance wood. Non-toxic processes with natural acetic acid are used to treat sustainable and fast-growing pinus radiata, modifying its structure from the surface to its core. The method produces permanent, stable and enchantingly solid wood that adheres to even the strictest environmental standards (DIN EN 350-2 durability class 1).

Excellent performance

After extensive testing, Accoya timber has received the building inspectorate approval from the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) in Berlin.

Low build-up of heat

Accoya is the perfect floorboard for barefoot enthusiasts because it does not splinter and accumulates far less heat than the tested alternatives, as shown clearly in the thermograms. During testing, the ambient temperature around all floorboards was 32 °C, and the dimensions of all three board types were comparable.

One-year weathering test

To show you the durability and resistance of Accoya, we have done a weathering test over a year, which you can find here.

Sustainable construction with Accoya

For further information about Accoya, visit the manufacturer’s page here.

Accoya Color Grey – uncompromising grey decking!

Accoya Color Grey has all the advantages of Accoya in a solid grey colour.

It pre-empts the natural weathering process, ensuring a consistently beautiful appearance from day one.

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Accoya Color Grey – uncompromising grey decking!

Terrace wood

Whether it’s smooth, grooved, rough sawn, sanded + oiled. Accoya is always the best choice for your terrace!

  • At least 50 years of service life without soil contact
  • Unbeatable durability
  • Virtually no cracks due to reduced swelling and shrinkage
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistant to insect infestation
  • From sustainably managed forests, FSC-certified
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Terrace wood

Window scantling

Premium-class wood for your windows!

  • Dimensionally stable
    Virtually no swelling and shrinkage
  • Low maintenance
    10-year guarantee on dark varnishes
    2 to 3-times longer service life for opaque coatings
  • Resistant to insects and mould
  • From sustainably managed, certified forests
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Window scantling

Tricoya Extreme board

The unique MDF board made of Accoya wood proves its worth under rugged and highly demanding conditions by retaining its stability and exceptional durability.

  • Ideal for exterior uses and damp areas indoors
  • Ideal for facades
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Resistant to mould
  • Significantly reduced swelling and shrinkage
  • 50-year guarantee
  • FSC-certified
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MDF-Platte Tricoya wasserfest


The perfect wood for outdoor use
No warping or twisting, even in long sections.
At least 50 years of service life without soil contact
25-year service life with soil contact and/or contact to fresh water
Extraordinary dimensional stability and highly improved hardness
Durability class 1
Ecologically sound – 100% recyclable and renewable

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Accoya is ideal for your facades thanks to its outstanding characteristics like low maintenance, dimensional stability, high durability and naturally insulating properties.
The maintenance interval for surface-mounted systems is 3–4 times longer than for traditional wood types. Translucent black coatings have also proven effective.
The following Accoya products are available to you:

  • Profiled wood
  • 3-layer panels
  • MDF Tricoya boards waterresistant
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You will find photos of selected Accoya projects here!


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