Concealed terrace fasteners

Terrassenbefestigung unsichtbar

For a visually more appealing design, we have various solutions that make your screw connections disappear.

All variants ensure good rear ventilation of the terrace, which helps to increase the service life of your terrace.


The fastest way to conceal your terrace screw connections, saves 50% of installation time! The screw connections are only made in the joint using SenoFix, whose integrated joint space holder also serves to increase walking comfort. The decking is laid with the terrace clamp. SenoFix can be used with deckings made from the wood types Accoya, thermo-treated ash and thermo-treated pine.


Fast and easy installation of Accoya and thermo-treated woods, no additional installation tools required. The TeniClip has also proven itself in the installation of winding terraces.


Terrace installation using GleitFix is the optimal fastening variant for wood types with a high level of swelling and shrinkage. The terrace board is only fastened on one side so that the wood can give way and thus the jumping and rubbing of the wood is minimised. The exposed joint can also be adjusted with GleitFix.



DielenFix is the stainless steel variant for concealed fastening and it is suitable for nearly all wood types. The terrace boards are clipped together and can be individually replaced later on if required. The joint space is variable.