Accoya Color Grey

Uncompromising grey decking!

Accoya Color Grey combines the benefits of Accoya, such as surfaces that are gentle on bare feet, exceptional durability and impressive sustainability, with a beautiful grey colour that will last for years.

All decking is subject to natural weathering, whereby the wood turns grey over time. Accoya Grey pre-empts this process, ensuring a consistently beautiful appearance from day one.

Between individual boards
Between individual boards

Main features

Solid grey


A special, non-toxic process is used to dye the timber throughout, from its surface to its centre.

This grey colour will not flake or peel, as may be the case with surface coatings, and will retain its original shade for much longer prior to the onset of natural weathering.

Less maintenance

This grey decking will look good for years to come.

With Accoya Color Grey, there is no need to regularly reapply a coating.

Thanks to its solid colour, there are no scratches or scuff marks to worry about, as no ‘untreated wood’ is exposed.


Consistent weathering

Accoya Color Grey weathers consistently.

There will be no differences in colour between covered, shady or sun-drenched areas.

Colour deviations

Holz ist ein Naturprodukt und jedes Brett hat eine leicht unterschiedliche Maserung. Deshalb können farbliche Unterschiede nach der Einfärbung von Accoya Holz vorkommen.

Differences in colour are not a major problem for Accoya Color Grey decking, however, as these will even out during the natural weathering process and will be barely noticeable after just a few months.


Accoya Grey is made from sustainably sourced, natural timber. It is dyed using an organic, non-toxic pigment.

Over its lifetime, Accoya Color Grey decking has an extremely low carbon footprint and is 100% recyclable

Ideal for pool surrounds and swimming ponds


Accoya Color Grey decking boards are also ideal for pool surrounds, where the benefits of Accoya are particularly apparent. The high humidity in pool areas poses no problem for Accoya Color Grey. Even when in direct contact with water, Accoya still delivers excellent performance and will not rot. Accoya Color Grey is guaranteed for 25 years, even when installed directly in the water.

Accoya Color Grey is also gentle on bare feet, as it does not splinter and only becomes slightly warm when exposed to heat. This makes the edge of the pool the ideal place to comfortably linger for a while.


We offer Accoya Color Grey in the following designs: