Verlängerung der COVID-Maßnahmen

Aufgrund der aktuellen Notmaßnahmenverordnung gegen COVID-19 bleiben unser Showroom und unsere Verkaufsräume geschlossen. Wir beraten unsere Geschäftskunden, aber auch Privatkunden auch in dieser Zeit gerne telefonisch, per E-Mail oder über unseren Online Shop.

Wir liefern weiterhin bestellte Ware per Paketversand oder durch Zustellung mit unseren LKW's aus. Für unsere Firmenkunden ist auch unter Einhaltung der COVID Grundregeln das Aussuchen und Abholen von Waren vor Ort möglich.

Wir bedanken uns für Ihr Verständnis und Ihre Unterstützung in dieser herausfordernden Zeit.
Achten Sie auf sich und bleiben Sie gesund!

Hechenblaickner Wood Megastore graz

Habitat Mur

An interesting project was completed using Accoya in Graz in summer 2020. In addition to the new Mursteg Bridge, the Grünanger shallow water zone was also remodelled.

For this local recreation area we supplied 25 m³ of the high-tech wood Accoya for sun and lounging decks and a boat mooring.

Further jetties and terraces were built along the Mur, also in Accoya.

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Accoya Sonnenliegen Mur

SUN WOOD solid wood panels, reclaimed and premium wood decor

SUN WOOD is your alternative for reclaimed or premium wood. Innovative pressure technology is used to reproduce the look and feel of reclaimed and premium wood. Domestic wood from sustainable forestry as a base material is refined and can be reproduced at any time. In addition to three-layer solid wood panels, a variety of other base materials such as MDF boards, chipboard and much more is possible.

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SUN WOOD solid wood panels, reclaimed and premium wood decor

Special veneer logs

We have put together a selection of special veneer logs that stand out thanks to their unique growth patterns. You can find these special logs here.

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Furnierstamm Erle

Ansfelden branch

In June 2020 we opened a new branch in the north of Austria, where we offer our customary extensive selection and excellent customer service for timber, veneer, solid wood and plywood boards, window scantling, planned products and patios.

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Ansfelden branch

Alpine Board for Wall Cladding

Alpine Board Diamond 2.0 with deeper embossing makes a cheaper alternative to wall cladding. Available in four types of wood: Altaussee, Attersee, Wolfgangsee and Mondsee.

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alpineboards wandverkleidung

Solid table tops

New addition!
Table top trend!
Solid table tops, obtained from broad tree trunks, promise more than just durability and are counted among the most eye-catching furnishing details. The tree’s growth and age lend the wood its unique structure and colour. This way, every table top has its very own tale to tell! Our Interior range contains exclusive, unique pieces that will ensure your living space leaves a lasting impression.

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Solid table tops

Our brands

In order to fulfil our promise of the “Biggest Selection, Best Service!”, we stock a wide range of brands. As well as our in-house veneer production, we are also general agents for Accoya and Tricoya, Alpi Furniere, Organoid Heufurniere and Firesec. In order to remain the largest supplier of wood-based materials in southern Austria, our range primarily includes high-quality brands like Tabu Furniere, Alfa Massivholzplatten, BESTWOOD, Sihga, Admonter Naturholzböden, SUN WOOD and many more.

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Accoya, Tricoya, Alpi Furniere, Tabu Furniere, Alfa Massicholzplatten, Haustüren-Ring, Organoid Heufurniere, BESTWOOD, Admonter Naturholzböden, FireSec Holz Brandschutz, Tilly, Sihga, J.Grabner Furniere, Rottaler Fensterbalken, Nordpan Rubner Massivholzplatten, Holzcluster Steiermark, SUN WOOD Dekor