The high-tech wood for outdoors

Accoya is the world’s leading high-performance wood.

Accoya is particularly durable (DIN EN 350-2 durability Class 1), the manufacturer guarantees that it will last 50 years without soil contact (with soil contact 25 years), it is 100% natural and comes from sustainable forest management.

Accoya exhibits virtually no cracks or warping due to reduced swelling and shrinkage. With this combination of properties, Accoya is very well suited for outdoor installation like terraces.

Most important properties

Low build of heat

Accoya is the perfect floorboard for barefoot enthusiasts because it does not splinter and accumulates far less heat than the tested alternatives, as shown clearly in the thermograms.

During testing, the ambient temperature around all floorboards was 32 °C, and the dimensions of all three board types were comparable.

The tests as well as the thermogramm image analysis were performed by the Hiroshima Prefectural Technology Research Institute.

What is Accoya?

Accoya is made from the sustainable and fast-growing Pinus Radiata, which is modified from its surface to its core with a non-toxic process using natural acetic acid. This acid is a natural component in wood. During the acetylation process, the ratio of the acetyl groups (+) to the hydroxil groups (-) is irreversibly changed on a molecular level.

This transforms Accoya into a durable, stable and beautiful solid wood that also meets the highest environmental standards.

Sample calculation for a 100 m² terrace

This calculation takes into account the costs for material and installation of a terrace as well as the costs for removal and re-laying depending on the durability of the woods.

Accoya is one of the world's most cost-effective terrace woods because the manufacturer guarantees a service life of 50 years. Compared to larch terraces, and provided no maintenance is required, Accoya terraces are also cheaper after 6.8 years because at this time, larch terraces require relaying.


We offer Accoya terrace wood in the following designs: