Siberian larch

An all-rounder for the outdoors

The larch grows mainly in Central Europe because it thrives better in the harsh climate and it yields high-quality wood. Larch wood exhibits great resistance and endures changing weather conditions, i.e. both dry as well as wet.

The Siberian larch is characterised by its natural, reddish yellow colour and beautiful grain. Because of the good price/performance ratio and uncomplicated workability, it is the ideal choice for both terrace novices as well as professionals. The larch is well suited for the outdoors due to the extraordinary temperature conditions in its growing region, which can go down to minus 50°C (DIN EN 350-2 durability Class 3).

Terrace larch

Most important properties

• Fine-grained coniferous wood
• Light brown to yellow/reddish (colour can vary)
• Good static properties
• Resistance Class 3