The tree of life

Ipe is the name for the wood from several types of trees in Central and South America, the colour varies from olive green to brown. Lapacho or diamond nut, as these deciduous trees are also sometimes called, are considered to be the tree of life in the popular imagination of the indigenous peoples in the area. They yield a very hard and heavy wood and are known as one of the hardest woods, which is why ipe is also called 'iron wood'.

Growth-induced substances protect ipe wood. It has a high fungal resistance and tends to not form splinters because it is mostly knot-free. If a limited amount of mould does form, then it can be swept off once it has dried out. Due to its high level of quality, ipe wood has durability Class 1.

Most important properties

• Heavy deciduous wood
• Mostly knot-free
• Olive green to brownish colour
• High strength value
• Resistant to fungal attacks
• Less prone to forming splinters
• Resistance Class 1