Burmese teak

"First class" among terrace boards

Teak is one of the world’s most sought-after hardwoods. It is hard, stable and naturally beautiful. It comes from Myanmar (also known as Burma), the wood has a golden brown and/or olive brown colour with dark stripes that are typical for Burmese teak. The fresh wood has a leather-like scent and the surface remains weatherproof and exquisite due to its natural oils.

Teak hardly reacts and is ideal for use where dry and wet periods can quickly alternate. The wood is resistant to fungi, moulds and insects and is flame-resistant. Burmese teak has a low risk of warping, cracking and splintering and has durability Class 1.

Most important properties

• Hardwood
• Yellow brown/olive green colour with dark stripes that develop into an elegant brown colour
• High durability
• Good staying power
• Low risk of warping and splintering
• Flame-resistant
• Resistant to mould and insects
• Resistance Class 1