Ceramic tiles

Modern ceramic tiles in natural colours

These extremely robust tiles in different colours and dimensions can be combined with terrace woods, enabling comprehensive design options.

Two materials, one substructure

Create visual and useful highlights, e.g. under tables or fire-resistant barbecue areas. Ceramic tile is especially easy to clean and has a long service life.

The tiles and boards are flush with each other. There are no raised edges on the ends and a tripping hazard is avoided.

Most important properties

• Can be laid quickly, easily and professionally
• Durable resistance to all types of dirt
• UV-resistant, colourfast and lightfast
• Slip resistance R11 A+B+C (i.e. suitable for wet areas such as showers and swimming pools)
• No pre- and/or post-treatment required
• Wood planks and ceramic tiles on one substructure, thus no tripping hazard