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+ Lumber 80 different varieties of wood in the best quality.
+ European Woods European varieties of wood – warehouse program.
Exotic Woods Exotic Woods – warehouse program.
American Woods American varieties of wood – warehouse program.
Pollmeier Beech Pollmeier beech – guaranteed quality with no risk.
Drying Our own drying kiln makes it possible to have gentle drying and to respond quickly to your special requests.
Veneers 120 types of wood to tackle and view – a great choice of top veneers.
+ Wood Type Index More than 120 types of wood in the largest detailed veneer warehouse in Austria.
Veneer Edges Top quality veneer edges.
Production Our veneer production and our warehouse in Gratwein.
Alpi Veneers Alpi – The premium brand for veneers.
+ Alpilignum Quality veneer from Alpi – available as a pure replica of grown woods as well as in many artificial colours and shapes.
Alpikord Alpikord are laminate boards that are built into Alpi veneer or alternatively natural veneer.
Alpistil Strip wood inlay from Alpi-Stil are wood seams for interior design that are are composed of high-quality veneers.
Windows/Doors Wood is the best raw material for windows and doors – We have the best semi-finished products for you.
+ Window Scantling Window scantlings in many varieties of wood and sizes in stock.
Window shutters Shutters available in various wood species and designs.
Front Door Friezes Front door friezes in top quality, many varieties of front door panel boards.
Design Plywood Decorative veneer plywood for front doors and panels – In connection with our front door panel boards, they make the perfect front door with a profile.
Front Door Blanks Strong through reinforcement! The front door product range from Haustüren-Ring.
Indoor Door Friezes Indoor door friezes and blanks in knotty and knotless softwood! Hardwood in 10 types of wood.
Indoor Door Blanks Indoor door blanks in hardwood from Alfa and in spruce from Tilly in the known high quality.
Solid Wood Boards Whether hardwood or softwood, with us you can find the best products and a large selection.
+ 1-Layer Softwood Our boards are produced according to ÖNORM B3021 and are subject to constant and strict quality checks.
1-Layer Hardwood Hardwood for furniture construction, continuous and finger-jointed lamellas.
3-Layer Softwood Absolute top quality in wood. Quality monitored through permanent research and strict controls. Environmental awareness during procurement and processing.
3-Layer Hardwood Layer by layer, quality from ALFA.
Pro Frames The special solution for specific applications such as, for example, furniture frame doors, door trims etc.
Plywood Plywood in trend! We have the right products for your ideas.
+ Birch Natural Birch plywood has first-class strength and stiffness properties and consequently very good durability.
Facades Plywood boards for facades and Bryunzeel Guarantee Plywood.
Outdoors With us, you will find the right wood for your outdoor areas.
+ Terrace Woods Various terrace woods.
Accessories For perfect installation of your terrace – without visible screws!
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Service Contact, business hours, delivery service, general terms and conditions etc.
+ Directions How to find the largest selection as fast as possible.
Contact Our online contact form – The easiest way to contact us.
Delivery Service Our delivery service.
Terms of Business Our general terms and conditions of business.
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Projects The most impressive projects in which our products have been used.
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