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We have been in Graz since 1953. We are specialists for lumber, veneers, and wood materials. Through constant expansion in the past few years, we can now offer one of the largest lumber, veneer, and solid wood board warehouses in Austria.

Sales warehouse in Graz
Wholesale warehouse for veneers in Gratwein

We have had our wholesale warehouse for veneer in Gratwein since 1978. Here, we always have more than two million square metres of veneer from our own production awaiting you. From here, we supply veneer dealers, board producers, and furniture plants in all of Europe.

Our sales and delivery warehouse for carpenters, window makers, and interior decorators is in Graz. Austria’s most modern lumber warehouse with an air-conditioned hall and an automatic high-bay facility, modern halls with high-bay storage for lumber and solid wood boards, and the largest detailed veneer warehouse in Austria guarantee prompt service and delivery.

High-bay storage hall in Graz
Our staff

45 employees provide competent advice. Our most important concern is to provide optimum service to every customer.

With eight trucks – three of which are piggyback stackers – we guarantee prompt delivery service almost around the clock.

Delivery service
Our field sales staff

Competent advice is available from our field sales staff. Six employees are on the road for your in Styria, Carinthia, Burgenland, East Tyrol, and Slovenia.